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ExYo Says Goodbye to a Very Special Friend ūüźĺ

Charlie was our studio therapy dog, both an¬†emotional support and¬†friend to all at¬†Express Yourself. With great pleasure¬†and a wagging tale, he¬†welcomed kids¬†that may have been hesitant to come into the studio for the first…

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Cummings Foundation Make a Difference Dollars awarded to ExYo

We received a wonderful surprise this morning¬†from the Cummings Foundation– a gift of $20,000 Make a Difference Dollars donation¬†supporting our¬†adjacent¬†new Studio Bee!¬†¬†Cummings Site Visit Committee Volunteers¬†Cam Brown¬†of King Fish¬†and Albert¬†Lanzillottii, II CPA,¬†nominated our¬†organization¬†for this…

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Express Yourself immerses young people in the arts, where they find a powerful tool for self-expression, uncover inner strength, and deepen connection with others.