Arts Programs

ExYo Multi-Arts Groups 

Let’s create! Our award-winning program provides youth with an exciting multi-disciplinary arts experience in a collaborative studio setting that helps them to succeed and grow. Working toward our grand performance in May, participants explore a variety of artistic disciplines including visual arts, sculpture, music and dance with life changing results.

In the fall, participants explore various art processes leading to bold set and prop designs. In the spring, the focus is on performance skills, working in collaboration with professional guest artists and Express Yourself staff. Participants enjoy a safe creative space that encourages self-expression and artistic exploration resulting in valuable long-term skills for success.

ExYo Maker Space

Express Yourself’s new program opens our maker space to youth who love building and construction, learning hands-on art techniques. Youth will work closely with ExYo staff to help build individual, 2D and 3D theatrical set pieces for our annual performance at the Boch Center Wang Theater. Youth learn how to safely use a variety of hand tools and gain an understanding of large-scale installation. ExYo Builders offers an alternative creative outlet for youth who enjoy hands on arts exploration and creating outside the box 

Come Together: One to One & Small Pods 

Developed in response to the pandemic, our 1:1 and small pod Come Together program is for youth to enjoy an individualized arts experience. This new opportunity allows youth to create one to one with ExYo artists on unique projects based on their need and personal artistic interests. Fully virtual programming is available based on location/need, with Art Boxes to go ensuring that all youth have access to art supplies at home. 

ExYo Drummers 

Led by Mali Master Drummer Joh Camara and Co-Executive Director Stan Strickland, ExYo Drummers learn and perform traditional rhythms. Drumming together provides an energetic connection that illuminates the strength and resilience of the participants providing a unique opportunity for a community experience.  

ExYo drummers have performed at many prestigious venues, including the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. as part of an awards presentation by the President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities.  

ExYo Dancers 

This high energy community dance program challenges dancers to be their best. Choreographer James Runner leads participants in exploring hip-hop and step dance to create original performance pieces which are featured in our annual performance at the Wang Theater and at community events. ExYo Dancers learn from professional guest artists, including performers from STOMP and Broadway. 

Mentor posin gin front of display of colorful parasols

ExYo Peer Mentors 

ExYo’s Peer Mentors program is open to prior program participants who are selected based on experience and leadership skills. Paid mentors learn responsibility while developing essential leadership and workplace skills. Mentors also serve as role models for their peers and work as a collaborative team, providing encouragement and support as they develop their own creative voice. 

ExYo Outreach Programs 

ExYo’s Outreach Program serves youth in support programs, alternative school settings and in-patient residential treatment units. 

Youth take part in our annual performance, collaborate with guest artists, and participate in field activities appropriate to the group. ExYo staff create individualized multi-disciplinary arts curriculum for specific youth needs. 

Learn more about ExYo Programs and participation

Contact Kristi Jeffers, Program Coordinator & Parent Liaison, (978) 927-8600 or via email: