Arts Immersion

Express Yourself introduces young people to the world of music, dance, theater, and visual art — with life-changing results.

With art as a springboard, at-risk youth and young people with mental illness move from alienation to belonging. They learn to express themselves in healthy, positive ways using a variety of creative means, and in the process, discover inner strengths and a sense of connection with others.

Many of these children have experienced serious trauma and loss in their lives. Too often, community resources are not available, putting them at high-risk for serious, long-term difficulties. By igniting the creative spirit, Express Yourself provides these youth with valuable life skills for successfully facing life’s challenges.

Unconditional care and support builds trust and confidence, laying a foundation for meaningful contribution to the community.

ArtsImmersion_quoteEach May, in a grand performance for friends, family, and the community, the creative works of our young people are celebrated at the Boch Center – Wang Theater in Boston. For most, it’s a rare experience to have their contributions acknowledged in public. For all, it’s proof that art is a powerful tool for connection.

This Boston Globe article presents a nice overview of Express Yourself.

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