Guest Artists

Guest Artists are a key element of the Express Yourself model, enhancing artistic experience for our youth, providing professional development for staff artists, and upholding the program’s artistic excellence. 

Supported by the Express Yourself staff and therapeutic infrastructure, guest artists offer their professional experience in theatre, music and exhibitions, raising the bar for creativity and encouraging creative risk taking in the studio and onstage in front of a large audience.

People that are famous get to come here and teach us!

ALYLA // EXYO Participant

Performance Team

Singer and musician Ricky Duran has joined us through the past several performances, bringing his beautiful voice and can-do approach to a number of collaborative pieces that feature ExYo kids.

Dancer Cammie Griffin Tokunbo from STOMP! has been a guest artist since 2003, inspiring our choreography and movement while giving kids an inside look at the hard work and dedication it takes to be a professional touring artist.

Photographer Bobbie Bush creates beautiful youth portraits and performance images.

It’s a long list of guest artists who have joined us and inspired us over the years, including: Amanda Mena from America’s Got Talent, Blue Man Group, Keith Lockhart, filmmaker Matt Mixon, Ten31 Productions, and many more.

Artists in Residence

Artists in Residence work with us throughout the full season, starting in September all the way through to the grand performance in May. Current Artists in Residence are:

Your support helps create inspiring connections like these!