Every year, we join Mass Creative in celebrating and advocating why ARTS MATTER to us and to our kids here at Express Yourself. The arts are at the foundation of all we do for our youth. As Joan Mikula, Commissioner of the Department of Mental Health said at our last show: 

We’ve had 25 years of amazement, of wonder, of joy, of inspiration, of creativity with 9000 youth who have mastered their fears to put on productions for us. That is incredible.”

“It helps me explain and express my emotions”

“They make me feel less alone”
“It helps me feel happy or sad or anything in between in a safe and productive way”Art, in all its forms, allows our youth the chance to grow and creatively express themselves in ways they never thought possible. To overcome their fears, insecurities and labels. From the performing arts to the visual arts, engaging with art opens up their unlimited potential and provides opportunities for unique expression and moments of joy. Here’s what some of our youth said:

“Art is fun!”“Art matters to me because I let my imagination take over” 

“Whenever I feel sad or bored, art helps me calm down and helps me be creative”

As MassCreative puts it:

“The arts drive our economy, enhance education, and help build vibrant and connected communities. Arts matter in Massachusetts.”

Why do the arts matter to you? Let us know!

And don’t forget to mark your calendar for our annual 26th performance on May 21st, 2020!