Clay Nation!

Express Yourself youth continue with arts immersion exploring group movement and art, brainstorming  ideas for Imagine Nation. This week artist Laraine Cicchetti sculptor and potter introduced clay to each group, tasked to create unique Clay-Nations. 

As we explore our theme, we focused on collaboration and connection while building our own community. Individuals created their own clay imagination island, and then were challenged to find ways to connect their art piece to their peers creating a large 12-16 foot group sculpture. 

Working as a team, Exyo youth built bridges and roads, which not only connected the islands but encouraged taking creative risks within their own group. New friendships and creativity flowed along with toadstool walkways, tunnels, covered bridges, pebble walls, pirate ships, rainbow roads, and even a golden gate bridge emerged from their individual ball of clay.

Our youth loved this project and the opportunity to create imaginative worlds with a new material. Curious how we might use these islands? Mark your calendars for our 26th annual performance on May 21, 2020 to find out!