Curiosity on Mars Roves to EXYO Studio

ExYo had an “out of this world” ZOOM experience with geologist Lucy Thomson (Planetary and Space Science Center, University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, Canada), and NASA’s Mars “Curiosity” Rover. She gets to work on Mars without really going there!  

Lucy shared her landscape and geology studies on Mars and what it takes to command “Curiosity” on another planet. Youth were inspired and engaged asking questions about the rover’s journey across Mars’ desert-like terrain. Questions included: “What sort of rocks are on Mars and what gives them the different colors?  Is there water on Mars? Will people ever live on Mars? 

Images shared included dust devils, impact craters and unique rippled sand dunes. The inspirational colors and textures of Mars influenced their art project, also inspired by Earth’s own Valley of Fire in Nevada. Youth used shower squeegees to pull watercolors across paper to create beautiful canyon-scapes.  

“I loved it, it felt like this was a top-secret presentation I was a part of!” Thank you, Lucy, for sharing your knowledge and teaching us all about another planet – YOU ROCK!