Dancing Through Summer

ExYo teens have the fun opportunity to choose dance each week with ExYo choreographer James Runner.

He motivates and inspires our teens to keep moving during this quarantine summer, integrating old school hip-hop moves with familiar dance sequences the teens love, to make fun and upbeat dances.

We end each ZOOM session with a showcase – dancers perform for the artists and the artists present their artwork! It has quickly become one of the highlights of our group ZOOM sessions.

One dedicated ExYo youth had a break-through last week. Back in the spring, he was hesitant to begin the dance portion of our programming, not believing he was a “good enough” dancer. But with continuous encouragement from Runner and our youth mentors, this youth became a dancing machine and performed a whole hip-hop dance sequence on ZOOM for his peers!


ExYo’s July art projects have been full of sun-catchers, playful puppets and rain-sticks galore!Our final set of Art Boxes for August programming are ready for pick up at the studio for EXYO Youth. Contact info@exyo.org for pick-up times!