Different Kinds of Hurt: Issac’s Story

Different Kinds of Hurt: Isaac’s Story begins with a simple question: “What if we talked about and treated mental health the same as physical health?” For many people, mental health challenges are a taboo subject, even something to be ashamed of. While parents openly share their kids’ medical issues, like broken bones or appendicitis, families are more reluctant to discuss a child whose frequent struggles with anxiety, sadness, anger, or fear impacts their academics, social and home life, and everyday happiness.

In Isaac’s Story, Mia and Isaac openly share how they needed treatment and help with their different medical issues, drawing on the similarities between their experiences and speaking and listening without judgement. If we start talking about mental health early, before stereotypes and stigmas set in, we can change the conversation at a national—and international—level for the next generation. Isaac’s Story is part of a national campaign aimed at:
• Destigmatizing and reframing how we talk about mental health.
• Making mental health and well-being a part of educational curriculum.
• Assuaging fear and confusion for children and caregivers dealing with mental health challenges.
• Empowering kids with a shared vocabulary to talk about mental health.
• Encouraging empathy, kindness, listeningand sharing