ExYo Alumni & Mentor Haley Returns

This week, ExYo Alumni & Mentor Haley surprised staff by dropping by to say hi and happy new year! Haley just finished her first-semester studying Architecture at the University of Maine Augusta, where she has continued building her leadership skills as an RA and has enjoyed meeting people from all over the world. Haley joined current youth in our first ExYo Dance class of the year, jumping in like she had never left! Haley’s leadership and artistry made an incredible impact on our studio and youth, and we are so excited that her college experience is off to a great start. See you soon, Haley! 

I like to think of myself as a creative person, and EXYO has helped me reach out more and expand my creativity. The mentor program helped me understand kids better, getting to work with them and watching the staff and learning a sense of leadership – how to help kids to open up. I find working with kids fun – they don’t worry about much – it’s fun to see how high their spirits will go. It’s so refreshing to see how different people can come together, be nice to each other and open up to one another.

Haley // ExYo Alumni & Mentor