ExYo Mentor accepted to University of Maine Augusta  

We extend a huge congratulations to longtime Express Yourself participant & mentor Haley on being accepted into University of Maine Augusta for Architecture. Haley has been an integral part of the Express Yourself family since 2017, first as a participant and currently as a mentor to our youth. We could not be prouder of all her hard work and dedication.   

We are so excited to see where your career takes you next, Haley!  

“I like to think of myself as a creative person, and EXYO  helps me reach out more and expand my creativity. ExYo has helped me understand kids better, getting to work with them and being a part of the mentor program, watching the staff and learning a sense of leadership – how to help kids how to open up. I find working with kids fun – they don’t worry about much – it’s fun to see how high their spirits will go. It’s so refreshing to see how different people can come together, be nice to each other and open up to one another”  – Haley