Exyo Students Dazzled by George Sherwood Kinetic Sculptures

Exyo staff and Students from North Shore Recovery High School visited the George Sherwood Studio in Ipswich, MA. World renown American Sculptor, George Sherwood creates kinetic sculptures made of stainless steel that respond to the environment around them. The students were dazzled by the reflective qualities of these sculptures, as elements such as wind and light manipulated movements.  

Sherwood encouraged the group to try a hands-on process creating their own balanced structure. Artist Rob Winthrop challenged the youth to use only one point of contact and stack materials experimenting with the delicate balance of weight and movement. “Even the slightest feather like touch could cause the sculpture to tip “Luke (student) said. Students were in awe of the machine demonstrations used to cut and create Sherwood’s large-scale sculptures.  

Back in the ExYo studio, students will integrate their own art experience creating a personal sculpture focusing on the balance and movement of materials.  Special thanks to George Sherwood for hosting us in the studio!