Exyo Youth dive into artistic connections at the Peabody Essex Museum

Exyo youth were hosted by the Ipswich RiverWatershed Association.
Following our Ipswich river experience, Exyo youth will dive into making artistic connections at the Peabody Essex Museum through our continued ArtLink partnership. 

Students from Solstice Day School toured the exhibit ‘In American Waters’, which explores the transformative power of the sea in American life. The students were “transported across time and water on the wave of a diverse range of modern and historical artists” -pem.org 

“Oceans play a key role in American society no matter where we live, and the sea continues to inspire painters today to capture its mystery and power.” -pem.org 

 “In American Waters reveals that marine painting is so much more than ship portraits.” – pem.org 

Throughout this year, Express Yourself youth will tour the PEM exhibits with EXYO Artists and museum docents. This partnership continues to provide energizing artistic inspiration for our 26th annual performance on May 26, 2022. Mark your calendars and don’t miss it!