Ghost Light Series at the Boch Center Wang Theatre with Special Guest Ricky Duran

For 26 years our annual performance has taken place at the Boch Center-Wang Theatre in Boston. Youth from the Department of Mental Health, as well as participating youth within the community, are joined by special guests for a one-of-a-kind performance incorporating visual art, dance, music and theatre. 

While last year’s event took place almost exclusively virtually, this year has allowed for more flexibility in accordance with the state’s opening of COVID-19 restrictions.  

The Ghost Light Series, a live music program filmed onstage at the Wang Theatre, was a way to honor our partnership with The Boch Center, while the event remains virtual.  

Special guest musician, Ricky Duran joined a select group of youth for a small on-stage performance. Originally from Worcester, MA, Ricky was featured on The Voice S17 Exyo youth had an amazing time singing and drumming with Ricky.  

Tune in to at 7:30 pm on May 20th to see the Ghost Light Series featured in IMAGINE NATION, Express Yourself’s annual virtual performance. 

Photos by Mike Dean