Happy Little Trees, Bob Ross Style

In honor of Bob Ross’ 76th birthday, Quarto and Express Yourself hosted a Bob Ross Paint Night, where both our young artists and board members, supporters and donors participated.

The Express Yourself young artists were thrilled to have been painting with these Bob Ross techniques, brushes, and paints. Taken on a step-by-step journey, small strokes of a brush and a little bit of paint went a long way. As Bob Ross said, “these things live right in your brush. All you have to do is shake them out.” And our youth did just that! Snowy mountains, calm water, and happy little trees emerged on each of their canvases the Bob Ross way, bringing out genuine smiles.

Express Yourself’s board members, supporters and donors also had a wonderful evening. Once the young artists were finished with their paintings, the adults got to work. Creating a similar snowy landscape, this group used palette knives to create a realistic mountain range, and Bob Ross brushes to create a luscious tree-scape. Vibrant foliage emerged just in time for fall, along with new techniques in paint mixing and application.

A big thank you to Quarto for this wonderful event! And to Bob Ross for sharing his love for art.

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for our 25th Anniversary show on May 23rd, 2019! Don’t miss it!