Hardworking, Dedicated, Passionate Interns!

Over the last couple months, we were thrilled to have interns from Endicott College join us in our studio – Emily de la Rocha and Danielle Mann. Since 2009, EXYO has partnered with Endicott College to provide internship opportunities for their students.

Danielle aka Danii, is originally from New Jersey, and is currently pursuing her B.F.A in Art Therapy. EXYO is an ideal internship opportunity for her as it combines her two passions – visual art and performance Emily is a New York/Connecticut gal who is pursuing a B.F.A in Art Therapy. Emily is excited to be apart of the EXYO team and gain experience working with youth of many different ages and backgrounds.Emily and Danii eagerly dove feet first into the collaborative process, helping our youth navigate new artistic skills, visiting hospital units and always working diligently to help out around the studio. They even created a unique art project for our youth by recycling scrap paper from previous projects. These zentagled triangles will become a part of our set design for our big show:

IMAGINE NATION, this upcoming May 21, 2020.

They are an essential part of our team and can’t thank them enough for their dedication and hard work!