The EXYO Effect

For the young people we serve, navigating the world day-to-day can be especially challenging.

Through music, dance, theater and visual arts, Express Yourself brings much-needed joy to these young lives, and teaches valuable long-term skills that can change their lives. In our safe and supportive environment, Express Yourself youth experience vital growth, setting them on a path toward becoming active contributors to their community.

mikula_quoteWhile the full benefit of our work is difficult to measure, here’s what the young people in our programs experience:

  • The power of self-expression
    We all have a need for self-expression, and by engaging in the creative process, our youth discover healthy ways to be seen and heard.
  • Their own inner strength
    Express Yourself youth uncover inner strength and resilience as they step up to challenges throughout the year. The artistic process invites youth to express themselves by taking creative risks.
  • Connection to others
    Teamwork is an essential aspect of our programming, so our young people learn to collaborate. As respected contributors to the greater whole, they experience belonging and connection, often emerging from isolation to community.

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