May is Mental Health Awareness Month

With our 29th annual performance just a few weeks away, we wanted to pause for a moment to reflect on what’s at the heart of our mission.  

The number of adolescents reporting poor mental health is increasing.  While this is deeply concerning, the good news is that building strong bonds and connections can protect their mental health and help them grow into healthy adulthood. We’ve been able to reach thousands of at-risk youth over the last three decades. Through our unique arts immersion programs, kids tap into their own creativity and in that process find belonging, connection, and confidence

At the heart of our programs, dancing, singing, drumming, and performing together creates a greater sense of well-being and connection.  

But there’s something more — and it can’t easily be captured through statistics or studies, it has to be seen and felt. That’s Pure Kid Joy. We see it on the faces of EXYO youth and we hear it in their voices. You know it when you see it, and we hope YOU, your family and your friends will join us on Thursday, May 25 to witness it for yourselves!