Mental Health Matters

In this difficult year, our collective anxiety and uncertainty are challenging issues Our connections with youth remain a constant reminder of how important consistency of relationship matters. Many youth we serve struggle with isolation and mental health issues. Our creative and engaging unconditional care model uses a variety of arts modalities to connect and has truly been a lifeline; helping so many cope as we anticipate reentering the world in a safe way. 

Co-Director Stan and Exyo Staff Taylor singing with Exyo Youth

Our highly-motivated staff, all of whom are so dedicated to our youth, have been working together both virtually and onsite. One to one and small group pods provide personalized guidance and mental health support while exploring art, dance, and music to form positive relationships. 


We continue to bring pure kid joy — a state of mind that’s essential to healthy child and adolescent development. Many parents and caregivers have reached out to let us know how much they appreciate the 3,500 art boxes to go delivered, our workand the impact it has on their child’s life. We know that art heals, we see it happen every day.  

“EXYO has been a good constant for Robert, helping him process everything in the pandemic, especially when everything shut down. He’s had something to look forward to.” -Parent