Nic Bennett Amplified

Express Yourself mentor, Nic Bennett, has been hard at work completing his large scale exhibition funded by an Amplify Grant from the Mass Cultural Council.  Nic is an Express Yourself participant of 16 years and a long time youth mentor, making him the longest running participant in Express Yourself history.  Nic is leading youth and junior mentors in creating two large panels inspired by the theme SOUL to be displayed outside of the Express Yourself studio.  Using quilting patterns and a specific color palette, Nic designed a modular project to be individually painted by youth and then assembled into the final piece.  His project fosters youth leadership within the studio setting and brings public art to the Cummings Center.  The exhibition will be presented during a studio reception and will be on full display in the Cummings Center after the show at the Boch Center Wang Theater on May 25th.