Planting A Seed: Wes Sam Bruce

Visiting guest artist Wes Sam Bruce was back in studio this last week working with our youth around the concepts of plant life and continuous growth. Wes spoke about how a tree first begins as a tiny seed, which when given time, water and sunlight, then grows into a magnificent unique tree.

We practiced being tiny seeds, slowing sprouting towards the sun. In the same way, it takes time for our inner lives, talents and skills to grow. If we are patient, and give ourselves lots of love and kindness, we can grow to amazing heights. Wes had each youth design a unique leaf that will come together to create an IMAGINE NATION  forest.

He challenged the youth to only use one paint brush, to freely blend and mix the variety of greens as they pleased. And on the back of each leaf, our youth wrote their chosen words of being (Be Spontaneous, Be Creative) from the banner project, returning to nurture that part of themselves.


Mark your calendars for May 21st, 2020 to see how these leaves and our youth “sprout” into being onstage at the Boch Center Wang Theatre!