Serious Safety: A Covid-19 Public Service Announcement from the ExYo Mentors

The ExYo Mentors have been working on a special and timely project this year: creating original Public Service Announcements reflecting on the COVID-19 pandemichow we can work together to stop the spread and keep each other safe.  

 Mentors and ExYo Staff had a lot of fun coming up with their own characters, developing a script and exploring video recording and editing. They embraced the challenges of remote collaboration and embraced digital tools and techniquesCheck out their “serious safety” tips below!  


Spider Girl, aka Exyo Mentor Haley, shares how to properly wear a mask. 

Burrito, aka Exyo Mentor Christian, has a PSA Google translate style.

Tildy the Witch, aka Exyo Mentor Brylee, emphasizes the importance of social distancing.

Chad Jr., Aka Exyo Mentor Anthony, sells his seriously awesome anti-covid miracle spray.