Set Design Comes ALIVE!

Guest artist, Nate Bertone, has joined our team, working with the ExYo staff and youth to bring our set design ideas to life.  Nate works professionally as a director, set designer, playwright, and producer in New York City and on the North Shore.

Nate is facilitating a project with youth from North Shore Recovery High School, creating large abstract figures that will come alive on the stage. They are creatively utilizing their resources, using mixed media materials from the studio including vibrant paper, fabrics, and found objects. Similar to exquisite corpses, the students are working collaboratively to create heads, torsos, and legs and assemble the large figures for the set.

As always, the kids are the hands that drive their projects to fruition. The art team is excited to take their creativity, ideas, and enthusiasm, and guide the youth in developing masterpieces for the stage on May 31, 2018 in our 24th annual performance ALIVE! at the Boch Center – Wang Theater in Boston.