Spring into Showtime

For our annual May 20, 2021 performance Exyo youth and staff are springing ahead with artistic creations. While our show looks different than the past 25 years performing on the Wang theatre stage, our team continues to find safe and imaginative ways to keep our creative spirits alive in this virtual world.  

Teens from Solstice Day School and North Shore Recovery High School have been collaborating on giant animal puppets created with guest Artist, Wes Bruce. These fantastical and other worldly creatures come alive as the teens experiment with painting and moving with their imaginative sculptures. 

“As always, we create artwork together as a means of becoming more fully ourselves, awakening our hearts and helping others do the same. We create artwork as a practice of unfolding our daily lives in curious ways that illuminate and empower us. – Wes Bruce 



Mark your calendars for our 27th Annual Performance on May 20, 2021!