Stellar Set Design Comes Together

This year, ExYo youth have been given the challenge to re-envision our planet here on Earth as an evolved world where anything is possible. Collaboratively, youth experienced art making in new and exciting ways, exploring a variety of multi-disciplinary art processes building bold set and prop designs for our 30th anniversary performance in May.  

Youth worked together on larger-than-life looms to create light portals out of yarn. Tasked with looping assorted colors of yarn with their peers to recreate patterns of light, blending individual colors to produce a gradient appearance. 

Inspired by the ways colors blend and swirl on planets from our solar system, ExYo youth explored paint pouring techniques on cardboard cutouts to create a collective planet.  

Blooming with creativity individual flowers come together to create a wild community garden. Using a range of mediums youth created unique flower species that despite their differences all grow together.  

Celebrate all the hard work our youth have put in this year. Save the date for EXYO PLANET 30th anniversary performance on May 23, 2024 at the Boch Center – Wang Theatre.