Straight from the Windy City, Molly Blumberg Returns!

Jumping into the new year, we welcome back an old friend & collaborator Molly Blumberg. Molly is a visual artist who specializes in sculptural handmade paper. She is currently working towards her MFA in Fibre and Material Studies at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Many of you may recognize Molly as she previously worked at Express Yourself over the last 6 years! For the next few weeks, Molly is joining us as an artist in residence, helping prepare the set designs for our 25th Anniversary performance this upcoming May 23rd, 2019.  

Regarding the performance, Molly says: 

“I really encourage everyone to join us for what is one of the most inspiring, joyful and heartwarming free shows that you will ever see. Come celebrate with us!” 

We are thrilled to have you back in the studio Molly!