This Is Me: Reflections of Ourselves

“And there are times I am Silence when I know I should be Singing.

But… sometimes I am Confidence, and then I begin speaking—”

The youth who walk through the doors of Express Yourself bring with them a wealth of unique experiences – some joyful, some difficult and sad. This year, we provided youth art experiences that were inspiring and reflective in nature. Youth from Cohannet Academy, Northshore Recovery, SEEM & Ladders programs embroidered and designed individual bandana portraits, each design mirroring their inner story – as if to say:

“Look out world – this is Me”.

We also partnered with poet & educator Regie Gibson. Regie worked with our mentors to turn their storytelling prose pieces into powerful poetry. Regie delved into the world of language and rhythm, bringing forth the physical detail & dynamic emotional landscape of their ever changing lives. The poetry was then recorded and will be featured alongside the bandana portraits at our upcoming 25th Anniversary performance at the Boch Center Wang Theatre.

Mark your calendars for May 23rd, 2019. Don’t Miss it!