Washing Loads of Fun at Express Yourself!

No one wants to do their chores, ESPECIALLY not their laundry. But this year, ExYo youth are putting a giant spin on this mundane activity.

Northshore Recovery High School and Solstice youth are partnering with longtime collaborator STOMP performer and choreographer Cammie Griffin to show us that doing your laundry is actually loads of fun! This is Cammie’s 8th year choreographing numbers for our big show. Our youth were so excited to work with her.

In our Optical Illusion Laundromat, chairs become musical instruments, quarters are larger than life, and dirty clothes are just another reason to dance!

How many socks are we going to lose in this laundromat? Mark your calendars for May 23rd, 2019 to find out! Our 25th Anniversary performance is right around the corner at the Boch-Center Wang Theatre…Don’t Miss It!!