Weaving Together Our IMAGINE NATIONS

 We kicked off 2020 by introducing our youth to collaborative weaving. Working together on three giant looms, the youth of all ages played with a variety of wools and yarns.

Weaving it in and out of the strings, they enjoyed the softness of the thick wools, and their creativity blossomed from the variety of textures in the yarns. New and exciting patterns of colors began to emerge!

The youth found the repetition of the weaving relaxing, and some of them enjoyed it so much that they began experimenting with new styles of criss-crossing the fabrics. The youth also used their canvas music strips from previous classes to add contrast to the looms.

This was the first time weaving for most of our youth, and we were delighted how quickly they caught on and enjoyed it!

Curious about how we are going to use these giant soft creations? Mark your calendars for our annual performance IMAGINE NATION on May 21, 2020. See you there!