Who We Serve

WhoWeServe_quoteExpress Yourself serves young people from more than 50 cities and towns in Massachusetts.

They’re between the ages of 5 and 21, 80 percent are low to moderate income, and 94 percent are trauma survivors. We work with underserved youth in residential, inpatient, and outreach programs funded by the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health and with community youth who bring normalizing and empowering support to our population.

A growing number of children experience serious trauma and loss in their young lives. Community resources are often not available to help them respond appropriately, making these kids vulnerable for serious, long-term difficulties.

Our collaborative approach teaches young people how to learn from one another, resolve differences peacefully, and work together toward a common goal. We believe deeply that when young people are valued and have a healthy sense of identity and belonging, they are better able to participate in and contribute to society.

96% are identified as having a disability
83% are in residential treatment or inpatient units
95% are in special education or alternative school programming
17% are identified by community-based therapeutic care
18% of urban youth are facing neighborhood violence
47% are male
53% are female
54% are Caucasian
33% are Latino/Asian/Native American
13% are African-American

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