Our Community

Community_quoteThe Express Yourself network of support owes its strength to our collaboration with the following partner sites and agencies. Together we empower young people to express themselves in healthy, positive ways.

Inpatient and Residential Treatment Settings

  • Child Psychiatric Assessment Unit, Cambridge Hospital is a locked, psychiatric unit serving children ages 2 through 12 with varying disorders and have significant trauma and loss. The unit strives to provide care that is child and family centered, nurturing, and trauma sensitive.
  • Cohannet Academy, Taunton is an inpatient facility whose mission is to provide opportunity to children and adults whose physical, emotional, or learning-related disabilities require innovative and specialized support and treatment.
  • North Shore Medical Center – Union Hospital Child Psychiatry offers a safe haven for pediatric patients ages 3 to 17 with psychological and other behavioral problems. They use comprehensive psychological assessment and focused treatment interventions to stabilize acute psychiatric crises and help children and their families begin the process of growth and recovery.
  • Northeast Family Institute: Beverly Continuum Supports, Crossroads, Northeast Diversion provides individualized and comprehensive residential services to male and female youth ages 12-18 and their families.  Program placement addresses a range of emotional and behavioral issues.  Comprehensive clinical services include treatment planning, life skills training, and individual/group/family therapy.
  • St. Ann’s Home and School specializes in providing residential, outpatient, and private day school options for a wide range of learning disabilities and/or behavioral and emotional disorders. Services are designed to nurture, rehabilitate, and support these youth.
  • Solstice Day School – Rowley is an accredited, specialized day school, grades 7 to 12, serves those who have learning, mental health, and/or emotional issues and offers a highly individualized education.

Alternative School Settings

  • North Shore Recovery High School (NSRHS)Beverly is funded by the State Department of Public Health and local school districts. NSRHS provides a high school environment free of alcohol and drugs that also fosters an ethic of honesty and mutual respect, promoting accountability to oneself and to the community.
  • The Ladders Program at Beverly High School provides education to students who are struggling with social and emotional issues in addition to a variety of learning disabilities.  This program provides a small group therapeutic environment to students struggling with anxiety while implementing the curriculum designed for grades 9-12 and ages 14-21.

School Collaborations

  • Briscoe Middle School and Beverly High School – Beverly. Underserved youth from the Beverly area join us to work in tandem with adolescents from the various programs and perform in community settings.
  • Hannah Elementary School of Beverly Public Schools, serves approximately 360 students attending Pre-K through grade five in a renovated facility, which includes a STEAM Lab.

Community Service Program Agencies

  • Children’s Friends & Family Services (CFFS): Gloucester, Salem and Lynn exists to provide Intensive Care Coordination and Family Support and Training to children and youth with serious emotional disturbance and complex needs. CSA is a community-based organization whose function is to facilitate access to, and ensure coordination of, care for youth with serious emotional disturbance who require or are already utilizing multiple services.
  • Friday Family Support Group – Lynn FFSG is a wrap-around model service delivery process. It is community based and identifies the services and supports that meet the needs of families and children with emotional special needs.
  • Lahey Behavioral Health Services is a private, nonprofit agency that provides mental health counseling, addiction treatment, and family and school-based services to residents in Greater Boston, the North Shore, and the Merrimack Valley in Massachusetts.
  • Therapeutic Mentoring offers structured, one-to-one, strengths-based support services for at-risk youth with an emphasis on daily living, social, and communication skills.
  • CSA (Community Service Agency) works with families who have one or more children with a serious emotional, behavioral, and or mental health challenge.