What will be the theme for our 28th Annual Performance?

Each year, young people and artists at Express Yourself collaborate on a theme that will be the driving creative force leading to our grand performance in May. To us, the theme captures the essence of what we do at Express Yourself – coming together as a community to spark pure kid joy and creativity. 

The Exyo artists and youth collaborate with hands on creativity, ideas, and enthusiasm, leading towards our 28th year performance (hopefully live!) at the Boch Center –Wang Theater-Thursday, May 26, 2022.  

Here are the themes we have celebrated in the past.  What will be the theme that brings our community together!  Share your suggestions with us by sending them to info@exyo.org 



2019 EXYO25 

2018 Alive! 

2017 Soul 

2016 Illuminate 

2015 Move It! 

2014 EXYO 20  

2013 Viva  

2012 Pulse  

2011 Here & Now  

2010 Red Hot & Blue  

2009 Bounce 

2008 Let’s Glow  

2007 Put Your Wild On  

2006 Islands – Feel the Beat  

2005 Colors with an Asian Twist  

2004 Express Yourself 10th Anniversary  

2003 Arts in Motion  

2002 Express Yourself Now!  

2001 The Elements 

2000 Spirit of the West  

1999 Oceana  

1998 Carnivale 

1997 The Tropical Rainforest  

1996 Night at the Wang II 

1995 Night at the Wang