Creativity Continues! IMAGINE NATION Station Art

Collaboration is at the core of the work we do at Express Yourself.

We can continue to collaborate by sharing our creativity with each other!

One of our partner schools principals told us this week:

“We are so grateful for everything that this experience has been for our kids.  Our teachers have marveled at the things they saw in their students because of EXYO.  We had students attend who opened up in ways that they never do at school.  There just are no words for our gratitude for EXYO in creating this experience for them”

We are so proud of all of our youth’s resiliency and creativity and are excited to feature it in our upcoming virtual performance on Thursday, May 21, 2020 at 7:00 pm hosted on our website  In the meantime, check out all the artwork from ExYo Youth below!

Create Your Own IMAGINE NATION Island:



Super Hero Self Puppets:

Imagine Nation Logo:

Hybrid Animals:

Painted Rocks

Magazine & Instagram Self-Portraits: 



Flowers & Leaves:

Acts of Community from ExYo Youth:

Youth from Epstein Center for Behavioral Health say thank you!

L. shares a positive message for all her fellow Exyo youth:

ExYo Board Member Mary Aarons surprises ExYo youth on his birthday

ExYo youth & family shares their support for frontline workers & autism awareness

At Home Projects



Color your seeds!

Connect the Dots:



Mandalas: can be made from anything!

Virtual Museum Tours

Replicating the Degas sculpture “Arabesque and at home canvas art gallery inspired by the Sao Paulo Museum Of Art

Getty Museum Challenge


Marble Paper

Shaving cream and food coloring magic!

Weekly Art Prompts

What makes Katrina feel ALIVE – thank you, Katrina!

Send us your responses to and we will add them here! #imaginenationstation

We would also love to hear from YOU about how IMAGINE NATION Station is working. Take a few minutes to share your feedback with us in the following survey. Thanks!

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Looking for IMAGINE NATION Station activities? Find them all here!

Week 1: Feel ALIVE! with Dancing, Marble Paper, VanGogh Museum and Guest Artist Amanda Mena. Click HERE for WEEK 1

Week 2: ILLUMINATE with Golden Light Meditation, Mandalas, Sao Palo Museum, and Guests Artist Ricky Duran. Click HERE for WEEK 2

Week 3: Create a Face, Glittery Rainbow Meditation, Mandalas, National Museum of Modern & Contemporary Art, and a Puppet Show. Click HERE for Week 3

Week 4: Zentagling, Connect the Dots, Grand Canyon National Park, and the Around the World Dance Challenge. Click HERE for Week 4 

Week 5: We get wild with Flowers and Leaves, Physical Imagination Journey, Virtual Zoo Visits, and a jungle-themed Puppet Show. Click HERE for Week 5

Week 6: Self-Portraits, Crazy Magazine Collage, Getty Museum Challenge and African Drumming tutorial.  Click HERE for Week 6

Week 7: Inner Super Hero Meditation, Super Hero self Puppet, Rhythms with STOMP, Origami Frogs. Click HERE for Week 7

Week 8: Create your own Island, Geometric Birds, Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park, and Bennett the Puppet visits the Museum. Click HERE for Week 8

Week 9: Show Week! Create your own Pizza, African Drumming with Joh, River Journey with Erin, and ExYo Mentor Christian Cooking Video. Click HERE for Week 9

Week 10: Time for Celebration! EXYO “Come Together” responses, create your own party hats and homemade cupcakes with Mentor Christian! Click HERE for Week 10

Come Together! Virtual Performance: Take a look at how our youth celebrated the show! Click HERE to see pure kid joy!