Imagine Nation Station: Week 2

MONDAY: Weekly Art Prompt 


This week’s art prompt is ILLUMINATE, our 2016 show theme. If you were able to make it to that performance, what was your favorite part? If you weren’t there, what are some things you think you would have seen? 

Illuminate means to brighten, to light up, to radiate from within. Think about the following questions:

What makes you illuminate?

How can you brighten your space? 

Create something that makes you radiate from within! Maybe it’s a collage of images that make you happy, or maybe getting your body moving will do the trick. 

Whatever it is, show us how you’re going to ILLUMINATE this week #ImaginenationStation

Guided Meditation: Golden Light

A lot of us are feeling worried about the future right now, and we want you to know

You are not alone

A dear friend of EXYO, Gurdeep Bhogal wants to offer you a chance to breathe and relax through a Guided Meditation. This is one way for you to feel some illumination in an uncertain time. Find a quiet space you feel comfortable in, and take a listen. 

Click HERE for a Guided Meditation “Golden Light”



Found Object Mandalas with ExYo Artist Emily

Click HERE for link to Mandala Video

Go on a scavenger hunt for materials! Look for:  

If you can’t make it outside use: shoes, spoons, your favorite cereal, your favorite toys, pencils, erasers, markers, buttons

We have also attached some Mandala coloring pages you can color in your own time or use them as inspiration to draw your own Mandala! 

Click HERE for link to Mandala PDFS in Google Drive


WEDNESDAY: Virtual Museum Tour


This week we take you to a museum in Brazil: The Sao Paulo Museum of Art. Go to:

In this virtual tour, you can find thousands of works of art from all over the world and many different mediums – such as fashion, textiles, sculpture and modern paintings. Here are some questions to help start your exploration. 

How many bronze statues of horses can you find? Are they all by the same artist?

Can you find a painting by Van Gogh?

Look at “Picture Gallery In Transformation”  – how it has changed over the years? 

Look at the Art in Fashion “Rhodia collection”: 

How does this museum inspire you? Draw a unique fashion design, or take a photograph of you dancing or posing like one of Edgar Degas’ sculptures, and then share your response with us! #ImaginationStation




Surprise guest artist Ricky Duran has a message for the Express Yourself youth across the IMAGINE NATION. Ricky is originally from Worcester, MA and was the Runner Up on S17 of The Voice! Click the link below to see a message from Ricky to the ExYO youth. Then check out his incredible singing voice on his blind audition of The Voice! 

Click HERE for link to Ricky’s personal message

Click HERE for link to Ricky on The Voice


Additional Creative Resources

ExYo Dancers: Don’t forget about the “EXYO Dance Around the World Challenge”.

Click HERE for link to Dance Challenge

Here’s how you can participate: 

  1. Pick your favorite dancing spot: In your living room, bedroom, or backyard!
  2. Learn the choreography
  3. Film Yourself! 
  4. Send it to or DM us on Facebook or Instagram
  5. Stay tuned to see the final film! 

Express Yourself Guest Artist: Wes Sam Bruce. 

Check out Wes Sam Bruce’s “Quarantine Dreams” on his Website: for “artmaking/writing prompts, scavenger hunts, films from The Wonder Sound – Adventure Forest -WTQL, meditations, zines, downloadable PDFs and lots more!”

And tune into his live stream at 1 pm from Monday-Friday on Instagram:

Click HERE for link to Wes’ Instagram

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