IMAGINE NATION Station: Week 5


In-person ZOOM sessions continue with our program – and we are now reaching out to units at the same time as our regular sessions!  ExYo youth will be receiving a bright YELLOW packet filled with art prompts and supplies for our stay at home activities in their sessions – so keep an eye on the mailbox! 

James Runner’s “Around the World” Dance Challenge is such a huge success! The Image Nation dance has responses from around the country and the world along with our youth in ZOOM sessions, on units, and in their backyards. 

Send us YOUR video this week to be part of our virtual performance.

Our guest artists have also found ways to bring the rhythm and performance to our kids. STOMP’s Cammie Griffin leads STOMP performers and ExYo youth collaborate on rhythms that will be featured in our virtual performance. Cohannet Academy is the first group to accept the challenge!

We are especially proud of our ExYo Peer Leadership group. Mentors are creating their own animation project and are joining in on all Zoom Multi-Art sessions encouraging creativity with all youth participants.

Our Come Together program for youth working virtually with staff on a 1-1 basis has been a big hit and source of support for youth and their families. Please contact if you’re interested in joining. 

Mark your calendars for our virtual performance scheduled on our original date of May 21, 2020. This will feature many of our youth’s talents and guest artists including STOMP, Ricky Duran from the Voice, Amanda Mena from America’s Got Talent and Berklee School of Music. All artwork and projects generated will be included in this first time virtual performance. Stay tuned for more details!

*Correction: The date of the virtual performance is May 21st, 2020. Our yellow packet info sheet incorrectly stated it with next year’s show date. 

MONDAY: Weekly Art Prompt

Flowers and Leaves

EXYO Youth: Find this image in your packet! We will be leading you through this project in your multi-art sessions. 

Community Youth: Click HERE for link to PDF in Google Drive

Using any art supplies you have, blend warm colors (reds, oranges, yellows) together for the flowers and cool colors (blues, greens, purples) for the leaves. 

These images will be used in an animation video done by EXYO artist, Carla for our virtual show on May 21st. 

Feel free to draw your own flowers and leaves too. Send us your final picture to so they can be featured in our video! 

TUESDAY: Artist Video

Guided Physical Imagination with ExYo Artist Erin

Ever wanted to be an explorer? Well here’s your chance! Without leaving your living room, learn how to use your IMAGINE NATION to take a theatrical journey into the jungle with ExYo artist Erin. All you need is some space to move in and a willingness to play and move your body! 

Click HERE for link to Guided Physical Imagination Video

WEDNESDAY: Virtual Visit

Animal Live Cams: San Diego Zoo + Monterey Bay Aquarium

This week we are traveling through the internet to Southern California to see some fun animals! Both the San Diego Zoo and the Monterey Bay Aquarium have live-cams set up so you can watch Elephants, Tigers, Jellyfish, Otters and even Penguins! 

Here’s how to visit:

Click HERE for link to San Diego ZOO

Click HERE for link to Monterey Bay Aquarium  

THURSDAY: Guest Artist Video

Jungle Puppet Show with Bennet!

Bennet returns for a second journey from the Imagine Nation Station! Take the train with Bennet to discover new puppet friends of all varieties in a blooming jungle world. Then learn how to make your own shadow puppet friends.

Click HERE for link to Puppet Show

Materials to make your own shadow puppets:

Step 1: Cut out the shape of whatever puppet you would like to make. 

Step 2: Attach your chopstick or popsicle stick to the bottom or side of your shape 

Step 3: Give your new friend a name and a voice and have fun! 

Here are some shapes to get you started: Click HERE for link to Shadow Puppets Template in Google Drive 

Additional Creative Resources

Express Yourself Guest Artist: Wes Sam Bruce. 

Check out Wes Sam Bruce’s “Quarantine Dreams” on his website for “art-making/writing prompts, scavenger hunts, films from The Wonder Sound – Adventure Forest -WTQL, meditations, zines, downloadable PDFs and lots more!

Click HERE for link to Wes Sam Bruce’s website

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