Online Curriculum

In early-March 2020, in response to the Coronavirus/COVID-19 shutdown, Express Yourself very quickly developed a curriculum that we could deliver online. We invite you use these resources for creative engagement. Click each week to see prompts and lessons.

Week 1:

Feel ALIVE! with Dancing, Marble Paper, VanGogh Museum and Guest Artist Amanda Mena.

Week 2:

ILLUMINATE with Golden Light Meditation, Mandalas, Sao Palo Museum, and Guests Artist Ricky Duran.

Week 3:

Create a Face, Glittery Rainbow Meditation, Mandalas, National Museum of Modern & Contemporary Art, and a Puppet Show.

Week 4:

Zentagling, Connect the Dots, Grand Canyon National Park, and the Around the World Dance Challenge.

Week 5:

We get wild with Flowers and Leaves, Physical Imagination Journey, Virtual Zoo Visits, and a jungle-themed Puppet Show.

Week 6:

Self-Portraits, Crazy Magazine Collage, Getty Museum Challenge and African Drumming tutorial.

Week 7:

Super Hero Guided Meditation, Super Hero Self-Puppets, Rhythm with STOMP, and Origami Jumping Frogs.

Week 8:

Create your own Island, Geometric Birds, Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park, and Bennett the Puppet visits the Museum.

Week 9:

Show Week! Create your own Pizza, African Drumming with Joh, River Journey with Erin, and ExYo Mentor Christian Cooking Video.

Week 10:

Time for Celebration! EXYO “Come Together” responses, create your own party hats and homemade cupcakes with Mentor Christian!

Check out some of the art created by our youth, and the EXYO community getting ready to watch our culminating video celebration.

We asked, “What has Express Yourself meant to you over the last ten weeks?”

“It has given me a sense of normality, having other people to talk to than my family.”
— B

“I like to interact face to face, and it is hard because I live somewhere where I can feel I cannot express my true self, but at EXYO I can have fun and have new friends.”
— S

“It has been something to look forward to, something to think about other than the quarantine, to distract myself with a creative outlet. EXYO brings something new every week.”
— H